YouTube Channelytics

YouTube Channelytics

YouTube Channelytics

At long last, user-friendly analytics for your YouTube channel!

Log in and instantly get your topline weekly stats, like how many people have subscribed to your channel, and how many total views you’ve gotten for the selected period.

Get a snapshot of your content, ordered by number of views, then click on a video for more in-depth information, like the number of social shares it’s gotten and the top comments (the report uses sentiment analysis on the comments).

Check out your top playlists, traffic sources, and devices. View attractively presented, easily comprehensible user demographics.

YouTube Channelytics are easy to use and comprehend, with rich data for everyone from channel managers who are just starting out to CMOs.


Visual Paris


14 January 2016

Last update

27 April 2016


Emmanuel Purchased 1 year ago

All the insights I want from my channel gathered in one place. Really good job!

Dafni Purchased 1 year ago

This is exactly what I need from my YouTube analytics!

Amy 1 year ago

Will give it a go. Does it support playlist stats?

Debra Shop 1 year ago

yes it does. You can try it for free for a week, and then if you like it you can subscribe to it.

Debra Shop 1 year ago


Dino Purchased 1 year ago

Looks amazing - great job!

Debra Shop 1 year ago