Media Kit for Bloggers

Media Kit for Bloggers

Media Kit for Bloggers

Hoping to attract advertisers to your blog to generate revenue?

Instead of custom-designing a stats page for potential advertisers, use this automated Media Kit service to show them why they should advertise on your blog.

You get a beautifully designed page that includes your blog name, a short description of it, and your most impressive stats: Facebook likes and Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest followers.

How to create your Media Kit

  1. Simply connect to the services you use (Note that Twitter and Google Analytics are mandatory!)
  2. Choose the period of time you wish to see stats for!
  3. Fill in your blog information (things like blog title, description, url and a short bio of yourself)
  4. Click on "Generate Report" ..and BOOM! You're done.

Please note that as long as you connect Twitter and Google Analytics it will perfectly work. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are only optional - but the more you connect the better your Media Kit will look!


Visual Paris


23 December 2015

Last update

08 June 2016


Our Traveldreams Purchased 7 months ago

To bad you have to have a Twitter account. We don't use that..

Constantine Purchased 7 months ago

The current version of the report uses the images from Twitter (background and profile picture). If there is interest, we can create a variation that takes these images from Facebook.

Sonnie Purchased 9 months ago

LinkedIn should be included in here, me thinks

Dafni Purchased 9 months ago

Hey Sonnie. thanks for your suggestion! We will consider it and maybe we will include it in the future.

telepsa 1 year ago

Looking sharp! Very useful too

Debra Shop 1 year ago

Thank you telepsa!

Gerald 1 year ago

Works like a charm. Will you be adding Youtube data as well? I need that as well.

Debra Shop 1 year ago

Yes, I plan on adding youtube subscribers and views. Stay tunned

Data 1 year ago

Looking good. Nice job Visual Paris.

Debra Shop 1 year ago