Radiant for Twitter

Radiant for Twitter

Radiant for Twitter

If you're trying to analyze and magnify your Twitter power, Radiant illuminates the most important details about your Twitter account.

The first thing you'll see on this report is an overview of your account. You'll see a chart of the hashtags you use, a treemap of the sources and apps you use to tweet, and a breakdown of the type of content you use in your tweets.

You'll get a snapshot of your top performing tweets and a daily breakdown that depicts your most active days and times of the week. Your top friends, based on the amount of time you mentioned them, are also included.




09 December 2015

Last update

12 February 2016


Dafni Purchased 1 year ago

Looks good! Really useful report!

AndreasDr Purchased 1 year ago

very simple, very elegant, really nice one! Great work! keep going

TomG Purchased 1 year ago

Beautiful infographic style report - sign me up and make more pls.

Data Shop 1 year ago


telepsa 1 year ago

Easy to read and looks good. Sounds about perfect

Data Shop 1 year ago


Data Shop 1 year ago


PanagiotisT Purchased 1 year ago

Simple, elegant and straight to the point report. Love it!

Data Shop 1 year ago

Thanks for your feedback! Truly appreciate it.